About us

Posted by Hx Chua on

Super was founded in 2020 when we realized there is a real need for convenience online superstore in times of adversity.  Pandemics was hitting hard while people are finding ways to minimize risk to exposure when shopping for their daily needs. Our core business is with pets but we hope to achieve a one-stop shop solution for all your needs in the coming future, hence the name super (Supermarket).  We procure and source for practical, fashionable and cool products so you don't have to. Instead you can better spend that quality time with your pets and loved ones rather than staring at the computer all day long. 

Why Pets?

When pandemics struck, pets are known to be the first-in-line to get abandoned. We hope that by having our valuable customer spend much of their time and effort in building up a home for them, pets abandonment can be greatly reduced and that the owners and their pets can go through whatever adversity that the world may bring in the future, together.